Which fictional character do you share a birthday with?

I’m with Bilbo and Frodo! \o/

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    Sam Winchester, I think. And Voldemort died on my birthday. So yeah, that’s cool.
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    Lucky Glauber, from King of Fighters! You know! Lucky! This guy! That’s right! I’ve never fucking heard of him either!
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    Dorothy Zbornak Wut? I have no idea who she is xD
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    Edward Cullen ლ(́´◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
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    Severus fucking Snape
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    The Joker Yes. That is awesome.
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    Happy birthday, HBBO! :)
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    * May 9 = Lisa Simpson. And you know what’s funny about...My first reaction:
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    Arthur!!! :)
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    yaaay doctor house
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    Remus Lupin!
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    Dobby!! Im going to cry!!!
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    Adrian Monk
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    Perry Rhodan. And apparently he was born in the same state I was. I wonder why Manchester, though — the only real...
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    Commander Shepard, Mass Effect.
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    Katniss. fucking. EVERDEEN. Lulu - True Jackson
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    OH I already know this. PERCY JACKSON. YE-AH. And Terry McGinnis.
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    Katniss. fucking. EVERDEEN.
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    Alice from Alice in Wonderland :D
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    Miss Swan from MadTV. I win.
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    I GOT MONK! (OCD and solving mysteries like a boss) but i was one off from ross geller which is really sad. cause i...
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    Nena Williams…. oookkkaaayyy….
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    Marty McFly. Fuck. Yes.
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    Zoe Washburne. I’m not nearly badass enough for that.
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    Charlotte York. Sure. I was hoping for something nerdy, but I’ll take Charlotte. (And if anyone asks me about Spongebob...
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    Rachel from Friends! That’s awesome and somewhat ironic lol. And Ryan Howard from The Office. One day later and I could...
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    Silva Patch from Shaman King :/ idk who that is
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    Mubi. I share a birthday. With Mubi.
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    Ross Geller - Friends Awesome :)
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    Hello Kitty!
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    Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly! AJFDSKJFELKWJF YES!
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    James Bond & Benjamin Button. Okay.
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    Indiana Jones!
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    I was destined to like math. I share a birthday with the Count from Sesame Street.